Driver monitoring system


Eyedentify’s DMAS is designed to help prevent your vehicle and its occupants from being involved in an accident by accurately detecting driver drowsiness, distraction, and over- speeding incidents. The system alerts the driver in real-time to be attentive and focus on driving the vehicle. This solution will aid in preventing potential accidents from taking place as a result of driver error.


Video evidence of alerts generated in vehicles are available on our interactive web and mobile dashboards, which are accessible to Fleet owners/ managers as well as individual vehicle owners to view detailed incident reports along with video evidence apart from many other useful features.


Installing DMAS in your fleet will also help you protect your valuable assets by giving you superior insights into the driving behavior of your drivers.



Driver Identification

Ensures vehicles are being driven by designated drivers and alerts fleet owners if the vehicle is being driven by unauthorized drivers.

Distraction Detection

Detects when the driver is distracted and alerts the driver through an audio alert to bring his / her attention back on the road and notifies the fleet operator through the web and mobile applications.


Real-Time Location Updates

Helps keep track of vehicle's whereabouts at all times.

Reports, Evidence & Notifications

Real-time notifications for all alerts that are generated along with video evidence is uploaded on the cloud and accessible on the web and mobile applications for the fleet owner. Detailed driving reports can also be downloaded from the web and mobile applications.

Drowsiness Detection

Ensures that drivers are always alert and stay focused and driving safely

Speed-Based Alerts

This feature alerts the driver and the vehicle owner when the vehicle is being driven above the permissible speed limit.

Camera Obstruction Detection

Detects and alerts if the camera is obstructed.

Web Dashboard.png

Interactive Web & Mobile Application

Interactive Web and Mobile Applications Fleet owners get access to driver analytics, video footage, reports, etc. Ensures that fleet owners have full control and visibility into their fleets.



  • Automotive IoT

  • Computer vision

  • Artificial Intelligence


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