Ensuring safety of personnel and providing transparency of safety compliance at the workplace during this pandemic is a major challenge for organizations. Manually screening personnel is inefficient, time / resource consuming and prone to human errors.

To address this challenge, Eyedentify has developed eye-D, a fever detection system integrated with video analytics to ensure the safety of your Employees, Visitors and Residents by enabling contactless attendance through Facial Recognition, Body temperature measurement to detect high temperatures and Face Mask Detection. Detailed reports, along with real-time alerts & notifications, are made available to the management by the device to take relevant action.


Face Identification

Contactless face-based attendance to avoid cross contamination.

Face Mask Detection

Face mask detection and alerts.

Alerts & Notifications

Admin notifications for all events.

Temperature Monitoring

Contactless body temperature detection with real-time high temperature alerts.

Attendance Monitoring

Log of entry and exit time, date and location of every person

API Integration

API integration capability.



  • Contactless temperature measurement

  • Computer vision

  • Artificial intelligence

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